This is not that easy! It often happens that we see girls on stage who have the bottoms too low or the top not tight enough. It’s a shame because you won’t look physically optimal in that beautiful bikini.

Follow these steps for the perfect fitting:
1. Pull the straps of the briefs up to belly button height and narrow them towards your belly button. Imagine putting the briefs 5 cm on either side of your belly button.
2. The V cut of the front should be in the middle of your navel and pubic bone. Do you have a short torso? Then lower the V cutout. If you have a long torso, set the V a little higher.
3. Put the circumference of the top on as tight as possible first.
4. Then tie the ties at your neck very tightly.
5. Hang upside down and lift your breasts out of the cup.
6. Does the cup still not fit properly? Then fill the inner lining with wool.

Now the posing can begin!

After the competition, it is time to take good care of your bikini and then store it as good as new in the supplied box.

By following these steps your bikini will be clean again:
1. Rinse the bikini under a running lukewarm tap.
2. Make soapy water with a dash of Zwistal Shampoo and rinse your bikini in it. Note: Do not let it soak.
3. Then rinse the bikini with lukewarm water.
4. Gently squeeze the bikini and let it dry on a dark towel.
5. Don’t be alarmed by the glue, it eventually dries colorless!
6. You can polish the bikini a bit with a fiber cloth when it is dry.